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About Inanna Clinic

Here at Inanna Clinic, we strongly believe that the pursuit of timeless beauty is a form of self-indulgence that brings true fulfilment. Our decadent urban sanctuary offers a serene escape where you can discover exclusive treatments designed to envelop your senses and enhance your natural beauty.
Designed for unparalleled comfort, our service is dedicated to providing a personalized experience with top-of-the-line medical equipment and products, all expertly administered by our highly skilled medical professionals with minimal to no downtime.
So, join us on the journey to self-indulgence beauty, which is not just our passion but our way of life at Inanna Clinic.

Vision & Mission


Founded by Dr. Colleen Lee and Dr. Lucas Lim, Inanna Clinic is the result of their passion for transforming lives through positive and uplifting treatment experiences. With a commitment to providing a supportive and encouraging environment, they bring their expertise and dedication to help customers achieve their best selves. Join us at Inanna Clinic and embark on a life-changing journey towards a better you.


At our clinic, we believe in the power of “Self-Indulgence Beauty” – the idea that investing in yourself is the ultimate luxury. In a world that’s becoming increasingly challenging, waking up to a flawless you can be the best feeling in the world. Our mission is to create a haven where you can indulge in the best investment you can make – yourself. Join us and discover the true meaning of self-care.
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